Thursday, January 5, 2012

A line vs. Bf4 in the Kings Indian

Recently GM Fabiano Caruana won on the black side of a Bf4 ( I believe this may be called the Keres line ) King's Indian. I have always struggled vs the Bf4 King's Indian mostly due to a lack of understanding of the ideas. The line is played fairly infrequently and I have never been able to get in enough practical experience in the line to understand the ideas for both sides.

In the game Ivanchuk self destructed and lost quite badly. I'm interested in the game more for the opening and middle game ideas upto about move 20.

Ivanchuk - Caruana Reggio Emilia 2011

I plan to study this game in detail and make this a model game in my opening repertory vs a Bf4 King's Indian system.

I actually have an interesting story to share about GM Caruana. I had the fortune of playing a few games vs Fabiano when he was about a 2300 player at the Marshall and Manhattan Chess Clubs in New York. He won most of the games but I did manage to draw with the black pieces in one game. In that game I was actually winning at some point and hung perpetual check. After the game I ended up somehow in a discussion with Fabiano about the game and he commented, in forgivably youthful bravado, something to the effect that I can never beat him. I was rather chagrined and did manage to retort that there's atleast one way that I can beat him and that is if he failed to show up to play the game that I would win by TKO. Strangely, some months later, I was paired with Fabiano in the first round of that year's Bruce Bowyer memorial tournament. Fabiano took ill and did not attend and I won by TKO!

So that's my story about Fabiano. I'm glad to have had the opportunity to have played him when I even remotely represented competition. And now I get to improve by studying his games at the pinnacle of chess. The universe is a most interesting place.

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