Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recent Successes

I am on a good chess streak recently. I tied for 1st at the NorthEast Open in the U2050 section and scored a respectable 3/6 at the National Open in Las Vegas in the under 2200 section. And in the spirit of Bobby Fischer here are some of my memorable games from the recent events. To keep the end of the post upbeat lets start with a loss. In this game I was actually doing ok and came up with a brilliant scheme to rid myself of a problematic bishop near the end and just played a bad move.

I liked my idea of pseudo sacrificing pawns to open the position for my bishop pair in this next game. I got a bit careless and let my opponent's knight into a post on e4 and had to settle for a draw.

I generally prefer not to present my wins. I think I do better by focusing on the losses and once those are exhausted the draws. I'll show this one because I have been working very hard on my tactics and I got to play a nice combination in this game. Objectively White may have been better in this game out of the opening. I'm not a King's Indian theoretician and fortunately for me I think my opponent was not either.

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