Sunday, November 18, 2012

Interesting Piece Sacrifice

I found the piece sacs in the following game fun to evaluate. I didn't use a computer to check everything but I do think the ideas are sound because the Black pieces are out of position.
Now I posted this because I decided to analyze 3...Kf7 in detail. If you like try it out and compare notes with me. Remember I'm not using a computer to do this. I will post my analysis below in a few days. I'm setting up the position as above and writing out my ideas for how to respond to any of numerous moves Black can play after 4. Bh6 which I think is the best follow up.
First Try:
3... Kf7 4. Bh6 Rg8 The Rook defends the bishop and prevents immediate material losses. 5. Nf4 g5 I'm sure there's a better move but this is interesting. 6. Qg6 Ke7 ( Life is much easier for White if Black tries 6 ...Kf8 7. Bg7 Rg7 8. Ne6 Ke7 and now I like 9. Qg7 and if 9... Ke6 10. Rf1 causes Black some unsolvable problems. ) 7. Bg7 gf4 8. Bf6 I think this is a key move. This Bishop is needed on a diagonal which can reach d8 later on in my critical line. 8... Kd7 ( 8 ...Ke6 9. Qf5 Kf7 10. Bg5 Kg7 11. Qf6 Kh7 12. Qh6# If 10... Ke8 then 11. Qe6 wins ) 9. Qf7 Kc6 10. Qg8 I could not find a direct win but White is now ahead 2 pawns. 10... Rc2 There may be better moves but I think Black is worse even when recovering a pawn. 11. Rc2 Nc2 12. e5 Kb6 12. Qb8 I think that's the key move. The threat is to play Bd8 and win the bishop.
FYI I did all that from the initial position in the diagram above without moving the pieces. I did take notes while analyzing. More lines upcoming.
Next Try: 3... Kf7 4. Bh6 and now I really cannot find a better move than 4... Rg8 5. Nf4 and now just for arguments sake 5... Bc8 6. Qg6 Ke7 7. Bg7 Qb7 8. Nd5!
Black's pieces are just terribly misplaced in the starting position and White is able to take numerous liberties as a result. My take away from this is that crazy looking sacrifices ( Nf7 ) should be looked at if I have a feeling my opponents pieces are on bad squares. I will post more exchange sacrifice games I find of value to my chess development as I find them.

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