Saturday, February 2, 2013

Alekhine - Yates Hastings 1925/1926

I recently dusted off my copy of Pawn Power in Chess by Hans Kmoch. This is one of the older volumes in my collection of chess books. I never got through reading it completely I suspect because I lacked sufficient chess understanding earlier on to digest the ideas in the book. I now find this book to be valuable not just for the ideas about how pawns should be used but also as an index to an excellent collection of master games for study.
Alekhine apparently did not consider his win vs Yates at Hastings 1925-1926 worthy enough to include in his own best games collection. ( This is not the great game Alekhine - Yates 1922 which ends with a White king march to win an exchange. ) In fact Alekhine's collection contains no games from Hastings 1925/1926. Hans Kmoch references the game as an example of how a knight is superior to a bishop when pawns are on the same color squares as the bishop.
Alekhine - Yates Hastings 1925/1926

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