Friday, January 10, 2014

Chess Training Plan for 2014

It's that new year's resolution time again! My chess training plan for 2013 was largely a success. I did improve my tactical play and I seem to be playing better minor piece endings. I plan to continue with endgame and tactical training in 2014 and to that I am looking to add opening play. My opening play is quite attrocious and I attribute some of my most memorable losses to poor opening play. ( See my previous post and my "brilliancy" vs Adam Weser. ) All that being said, memorizing openings is quite difficult for me. I have the distinct displeasure to report that I have faced incredibly strong opening play at tournaments from fairly low rated players who just moves later played much weaker moves. I attribute that to those players taking moves from something like Chessbase running on their phones or prompting from another much stronger player. While that's certainly one approach to playing better in the opening, I take no pleasure in such measures. My chess progress is something I value deeply and I will never cheapen that progress by such sportless tricks. Anyone engaging in such practices is just robbing himself or herself of any meaningful achievement. So the challenge is to find effective techniques to help me learn openings better. I'm trying some ideas and will have more to report on in a future post.

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