Thursday, April 12, 2012

Philadelphia Open

I played at the Philadelphia open Easter weekend in the under 2200 section. I think I played well overall but that did not reflect in my final score of 1-4-0. I have one main idea as to why this happened. I will not elaborate on this in this post and will refer you to my very first blog post from December 2011 for more details.

My plan from now on is to play in the open sections of the larger tournaments where there's invariably a gathering place for parents to set up shop with their IPads. My advice for older players such as myself ( with lower USCF IDs ) is to play in the open sections of the larger tournaments. This is practically a multi-hour lesson with better human chess players for much less than the equivalent cost of taking private lessons with a GM. I see this as my opportunity to present a chess problem to a GM or other strong player and see the solution.

I will play next at the New York State Open. This is a smaller tournament where I hope I will be playing human players and not cyborgs.

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