Sunday, December 9, 2012

T55 Round 4 Game

I was matched with Greedy-Reedy again in round 4 of the ICC T55 Tournament. This is the game.

White must have been better for much of the game. I think this game indicates an important quality I lack to be a chess master is technique. I will comment on improvements in a subsequent post.

Where I went wrong:
Looking over the game it seems to me 23. Rec1 was a lost tempo... I should consider 23. Ra5 right away. Another improvement maybe instead of 26. Bc3 I should consider 26. d4. I was too happy to just win a pawn here. The opposite color bishops turned out to be more of a factor than I thought even with rooks on the board. The ending is the type of thing that no player in the world would want to face vs Magnus Carlsen for sure. I think this is the type of position to make an in-depth study of and find similar master games to study.

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