Monday, January 14, 2013

Instructive Rook Endgame

Hi all. Karjakin - Wang Hao from round 3 of the Wijk Aan Zee tournament is well worth reviewing for the rook endgame. I learned a lot about when and how a pawn sac in a rook endgame can be utilized. link ( must be a paid member to see it all )
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The idea to play Qd6 and accept an apparently weak doubled pawn in an endgame is something I would not have considered too deeply. Now I know! I'll be on the lookout for that type of transition.

The other game of interest from round 3 of this tournament is Carlsen - Wan Wely. Disappointingly, Van Wely lost on the Black side of a King's Indian. I will need to take a deeper dive here because I suspect the Averbakh which already gives me a terrible headache will now become quite popular at the club level. Daniel King's YouTube coverage of this game.

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