Monday, January 28, 2013

Recent High Level Games Of Interest

Some games I recently looked at of interest to me:
Vitiugov - Swiercz Gibraltar 2013
A clear case of bishop pair domination in the ending. Earlier in the game I liked the idea of the pseudo pawn sacrifice and tactical rook exchange which left White in control.

Giri - Yifan Wijk Aan Zee 2013
A great exchange sacrifice by Yifan followed up by a complicated technical win. I'm still working out the details of the exchange sacrifice. How to continue for Black on 22. bxa4. Perhaps 22... Nc4!? or the more routine 22...Ra5

Adams - Tkachiev Gibraltar 2013
Of course anyone that plays the pirc/modern in a high level event gets my immediate and undivided attention! My only qualm with this game is the players seem to have agreed a draw with much to be decided. Certainly Magnus Carlsen would not take a draw here with either color.

Salgado - Navara Gibraltar 2013
The exchange down position I was sure would be drawn but I didn't know it would go down quite the way it did. I wonder if Black had an easier draw at the end without playing ...b6 which loosened the position a bit.

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